Workplace  conflict can be very threatening to employers and employees alike; it  affects future career prospects, an employee’s self-image or that of the  company, and quite possibly, the ability to provide for one's family.  Preventing and resolving workplace disputes is critical to maintaining  company productivity and healthy relationships among co-workers. In the  current economic climate, company downsizing, reorganization, and  management changes can dramatically affect morale and productivity.  


 We offer a variety of services to prevent and resolve conflict in the workplace: 

Workshops and Preventative Processes – We offer workshops, conducted either on site or at a neutral place, for companies anticipating a downturn of events. These  workshops allow employees to voice concerns and share information; they  provide the opportunity for management and employees to design  solutions that they each may find equitable, allowing the necessary  process to take place in a more efficient and less stressful manner. 


 Facilitated Conversations –  Often, an employee or work group needs help discussing a difficult  issue with another employee or a supervisor. High conflict situations  develop due to a power imbalance, or pent up emotions – all leading to  miscommunication or non-communication. We, as mediators, can provide a  neutral forum, which allows discussion of these issues in a safe,  respectful, and positive manner.

Mediation - Formal mediation can be used to resolve specific issues and identify an agreed-upon, binding solution, such as:

-    Disputes between co-workers, or workers and supervisors
-    Wrongful termination, promotion, or salary/benefits issues
-    Work duties and responsibilities - individual or shared
-    Performance issues and employee evaluations
-    Harassment or other misconduct
-   Departmental or organizational issues