Tort/ product LIABILITY


Personal Injury/Product Liability

 In  the personal injury arena, claims can arise between an injured party  and another for injuries suffered as a result of another's negligence -  such as an automobile accident, the defective design or manufacture of  a product, or as a result of a dangerous condition on someone's  property.  Often, the injured party makes a claim against an individual  or entity that is protected by insurance - the negotiation then is  between the injured party and the defendant's insurance carrier. 

Sadly,  from time to time, a personal injury claim may also be one that has  resulted in someone's death. Obviously, these cases are complicated and  require effective, neutral mediation to help both sides deal with such  tragic situations, in a way that allows them to productively and  positively move forward from such circumstances.   

 Cases in this arena include:

-    automobile accidents
-    slip and falls
-    fires
-    boating accidents
-    injuries as a result of dangerous or defective conditions
-    injuries resulting from defective products or unsafe conditions
-    property giving rise to toxic tort litigation
-    professional malpractice (medical malpractice, legal malpractice)