Conflict  among family, friends, or neighbors is one of the most stressful  situations we face. Though preserving and rebuilding these relationships  is critical, too often we permanently damage or destroy them by  adversarial court processes such as lawsuits. At Skeena Solutions, we  believe in the proactive idea of a forward focus on mutual respect,  communication, and problem solving. We do this in the following ways:

family and community


 Mediations  - Formal mediations can be used to resolve specific issues either  outside of or as part of a court process. Mediations can be used for: 

 -    Developing or revising a parenting plan
-    Property division or inheritance issues 
-    Family disputes (between parents and
     teenagers, parents, students and teachers)
-    Property boundaries, fences, barking dogs,
     and other neighbor-to-neighbor issues 
-    Community or neighborhood disputes 
-    Developments and permits
-    Landlord-Tenant disputes 
-    Church or other organizational issues


 Facilitated Conversations  – Some people need a little help communicating their thoughts or  frustrations, and a safe place in which to do it. We help parties talk  about tough issues with his or her spouse, business partner, family  member, boss or neighbor. We help identify the stumbling blocks that  block communication, and encourage parties to reframe comments so that  they are positive and can be better received.  


 Building Communication Skills  – Ex-spouses who continue to be co-parents must communicate often, but  frequently have difficulty doing so. We help parties build communication  skills over time, to allow them to work together in the best interest  of their children.