business and commerce


 In the commercial setting, business disputes occur
regularly. People disagree as to the interpretation of a contract, the  terms necessary for a fair deal, whether a contract was breached and  most importantly, the correct damages for such a breach. 


  Disputes like these occur in real estate transactions, health care or  other insurance coverage, and construction contracts. They occur between  owners and developers, subcontractors and contractors, buyers and  sellers, customers and repair shops.  


  Mediation is a cost-effective way to resolve commercial disputes  quickly, without the need for litigation.  Let us help you with:  

                 -    Trade name disputes 
                -    Contractual Negotiations or Disputes 
                -    Supplier/Contractor Disputes 
                -    Recalls or Product Deficiencies 
                -    Small Claims 
                -    Collection Matters 
                -    Brokers with Fee Disputes 
                -    Ownership Rights to Property