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Skeena  Solutions offers a variety of services, including mediation,  arbitration, and telephonic/shuttle conflict resolution. We provide  these services to parties searching for an alternative to expensive,  adversarial litigation, and to resolve conflicts that cannot (for legal  reasons), or should not (due to the high emotional or financial toll) be  addressed through the legal system. 

Often, litigation hurts participants, regardless of who wins or loses  - it's expensive, time-consuming and the emotional scaring can last a  lifetime. Mediation is usually a fraction of the financial and emotional  cost; it empowers parties to craft their own solutions in a positive,  restorative process, guided by a neutral third party  facilitator. Mediation can be used to proactively identify and prevent  future problems in difficult situations such as divorces, workplace or  business restructures, or landlord/tenant relationships.


The Mediation Process and Style

Mediation empowers parties in conflict to determine his or her own  decision-making course; a neutral third party helps guide this process  with a forward looking perspective. Mediators build communication  bridges, allowing parties to collaborate in a safe environment. There,  the concerns and interests of all parties can be heard and  validated. Parties control and achieve their own mutually acceptable  settlements, without a judge or jury determining the outcome for them.

Mediators don’t judge or take sides. We help you be heard and understood  by the other party, maybe for the first time in the relationship. 

Mediators  create an atmosphere that encourages an honest, positive exploration of  ideas and issues. We help navigate this exchange towards an equitable  resolution – we help parties investigate underlying interests, balance  power struggles, and help clear impasses. We develop “reality checks,” allowing parties to evaluate whether their desired outcomes can truly  work, given the present and future physical, emotional or financial  environments. We help clients focus on the future, instead of reliving  the past.

Experience has shown that the individual needs and interests of the  parties must determine a mediator’s manner and style. Therefore, we have  developed a flexible style designed to fit the expectations of the  parties, as well as the demands of the situation. We believe that the  primary function served by a mediator is to facilitate effective  communication and negotiation among the parties, to help illuminate  viewpoints and explore alternative solutions that the parties can freely  reach. 


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